Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Red Corduroy and The Furry

It's about 2am and once again I am burning the midnight oil trying to catch up on all my wonderful weddings. My super cute sidekick Sushi is curled up in her favorite red corduroy chair sleeping right now and I am so jealous. I'd like to trade lives right about now. Oops...I think I just disturbed her slumber.

On a personal note...I am trying to make more time for myself and have decided to join a Bootcamp to jump start my physical activity that has been severely lacking. If it weren't for the stairs up to my flat I wouldn't even have that to claim in my excercise defense. Trainor Kenny is going to develop a 4 week-3 days a week program specifically geared to kick my butt. This is a group bootcamp so if anyone is looking to join me in my butt-kicking sessions - please email - I would love the company. I'm a bit scarred though...he mentioned something about parachutes...not sure what that's about but I am sure I will be finding out all too soon. I'll report back!

Update on Sushi...I have apparently ruined her good night sleep with my typing and/or poor music choice...she has since relocated to her favorite furry rug.
Back to the personal note...I'm also trying to work on my eating habits as well...which rank right up there with the physical un-fitness. I am announcing open season on me and any pleasurable foods. If you see me in public and I am not eating something that was picked from a tree or plucked from the have my permission to take it from my willpowerless hands! And I promise not to be mad...for very long.
Sorry for the midnight ramblings. Back to work...

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