Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Album: My Little Sister...Bella

So my little sister is next up on the family album showcase. She just turned ten but wants to be 20. Slow down little one! I don't exactly know when this all happened...but it seems like I blinked and she turned into a lip gloss wearing little princess that wanted to know when she could wear deoderant! She's growing up faster than I can believe. She is so bright and talented - not to mention a little sassy - which she inherited from our mother. She keeps Brian and me laughing with her funny little wordings and Bella-isms. For her birthday I asked her what she wanted to do. A day for just sisters to celebrate. She chose a museum, the mall and the movies...and so went our Sunday. We first headed to the Crocker to check out the new Pop Art exhibit...a very good exhibit I might add...but as Bella informed me...there was one inappropriate piece in the show according to her! After the museum we hit the mall and picked out a new outfit from head to toe for our birthday shoot. I think we did a super cute job on the ensemble! And no photoshoot is complete without a little pampering - so we hit up the Benefit counter at Macy's for a special little makeover for the shoot. (Dad was not too pleased with the makeup part...but I thought it looked fabulous...yet understated!) We headed back to my place for a quick transformation on the hair and then we hit the streets of downtown. She did a stunning job working the camera...don't you think?! I had so much fun with her running around finding cute spots to shoot...and I think she came out so adorable. We ended our night by picking up our mom and heading to the drive-in movies. If you haven't done this in a while...you should definitely go before it starts to get cold. I absolutely love seeing movies this way. I know the sound is not perfect and the screens are a little off...but it's so fun to just bring a bunch of pillows, blankets, your favorite comfort food (and the dog too!) and watch a movie that way. Anyway - that was our day and this is my little sister, Bella. Enjoy!

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Fortuna River Lodge Wedding {Jamie & Jeremiah}

It was a beautiful Saturday in Humboldt County with a few clouds that just speckled the bright blue sky. Jamie's parents had the most amazing secret garden in their backyard which set the perfect scene for a perfect day. Jamie looked radiant in her beautiful gown as she cascaded down the stairs with her fathers at each side to give her away. Jeremiah waited with anxious anticipation as his beautiful wife-to-be made her way to him. As she grew closer to him the emotion in his eyes filled and you could see how much he was in love with the woman about to be his wife. The ceremony was filled with laughter and tears and sweet words of blessings as the couple started their new life. After the ceremony - it was off to the Fortuna River Lodge for some sushi, Tiffany Box cake and a whole lot of dancin. Thank you Jamie and Jeremiah - I had such an amazing time being a part of your day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ahwahnee Hotel Wedding {Chelsea and Brian}

Chelsea and Brian had the most adorable wedding at the Chapel at Yosemite Park. Chelse and Brian met each other at Yosemite while working there many years ago and they decided to come back to tie knot! They had a fun BBQ the night before with their friends and family - and had an amazing reception following the ceremony at the Ahwahnee Hotel.
Here are a few of my favorites from the day!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Engagement Session {Laura & Tate}

His eyes caught hers from across the mall -but of course as teenagers in highschool - no digits were exchanged directly. One friend called another friend to tell the other how much Tate was diggin Laura...and after enacting the 3 day rule from the Cool Guys Guide to Dating - the rest became high school history! Years later they are still just as much taken by each other and have a love that is young, vibrant, funny and infectious. Cooper - their adorable Chocolate Lab - got to hang with us for a bit for shots by the river. The location was great - but if you're a hunting dog with a river full of ducks in your midst - it might be a bit distracting. After the river it was off to the fair for some carni-love. This was the first time I have shot at the fair and it was a blast. There is so much color and vibrance everywhere - it's a visual Candyland! I also found out the hard way that I'm not a big fan of the Ferris Wheel.

Tate and Laura - thank you so much for the day of laughs. I so enjoyed hangin out with you and your friends and can't wait till the big day. And a big thanks to Kurt (Tate's groomsmen) who became my lighting sidekick.

p.s. GIVE EM' SOME BLOG LOVE! We're tryin something new at the studio...for every comment left below - Tate and Laura will receive $1 of studio cash! The lovely couple can use this to purchase some fabulous studio products...so give em' so love! Please only 1 comment per person - scout's honor!