Friday, June 27, 2008

Arrington Apples - Humboldt County Wedding

What a fabulous day it was in Humboldt County! Melissa and Luke did an amazing job transforming the small orchard into a lovely wedding oasis. Melissa was the creative mastermind behind the decor of the wedding and Arrington Apples was a beautiful backdrop. Melissa and Luke - thank you so much for including me on your wedding day. I enjoyed being a part of your perfect day!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's a nice day for a....

white wedding!!! I'm not much for 80's music usually but I had so much fun hosting my friends 40th Birthday party at my studio...and since he graduated in the 80's...that became the night's theme. The birthday boy is Billy Idol...and everyone else...well we all look like we stepped of the set of Pretty in Pink or Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In The Mix 916 kept the night's music rollin and the party goer's dancin. Don't laugh too hard at the following images...

Join me for a wedding workshop at Negative Space Studios

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting an awesome workshop at my studio - Negative Space Studios - with east coast photographer, Richard Esposito. I met Richard and his fiance at WPPI this year at the Becker party and was taken by his openess and warm personality - then I went to his website and was blown away by his beautiful wedding images. Richard offered to make his way to the west coast to share his wedding knowledge and I jumped on the chance to host it for us Nor Cal photographers.
Richard will be sharing how he organizes his work and personal life to stay on top of his wedding business. In addition to sharing the systems for staying on top of emails, voicemails, client files and work load - he will also be covering:
preproduction and shooting workflow
flash techniques
camera settings
composition and
postproduction workflow
We've also got some great swag from WHCC, Pixel2Canvas, Pro Actions and many others!
Please join me for this 1 day workshop on Wednesday, July 9th from 9-5pm. The class is $129 but for my lovely blog readers you can register as my guest under Negative Space Studios for only $99. You can register at Space is limited so please register soon! If anyone has any questions - please don't hesitate to email me at
See you there!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

April + Grant = Midtown Lovin'!

I had the pleasure of shooting April and Grant's e-session recently and since we are both midtowners...we thought it would be fun to run around our own backyard to document the love that is - April + Grant! We met up at Hina's Tea (my new favorite place!) but I quickly realized that we were missing someone. April and Grant have the most adorable little wiener named - Bruzer. The 2 ran off to get him and then we were off on our midtown escapade. Even though I live in midtown - I was surprised by all the little photographic treasures that revealed themselves to me that day. It seemed like everywhere we turned there was something just so perfect for the shot that I have never noticed. Bruzer and I got off to a rocky start...he wasn't too sure of me at first but by the end of the was us against the world!
Here are just a few of my favorite shots of the day.

Midtown has some amazing murals and I have always wanted to shoot a couple in front of this one. Thanks for making my dreams come true kids!

I usually tell my couple that I won't ever make them do anything I haven't done myself - but this was not the case. I have never rode a tandem bike and they did pretty good on their first time out. Bruzer was bummed though - he got stuck with me and was not a happy camper.

This is my favorite from the day! We were walking past a thrift shop and out of the corner of my eye I see a bin of old ken and barbies...and look what I found! A crocheted wedding Barbie - I don't think I ever saw this version on the shelves. Well - there were some pretty interesting looking Ken dolls but Grant was not about to be represented by a 1980's Ken doll with pink hot pants...I totally understand!

Is it just me or does it look like Bruzer is about ready to eat Bridal Barbie and she is giving him the look! I love it! I think I may have to go back and buy her...she's kinda growing on me the more I look at these pics.

Click on the Bridal Barbie pic to see the entire slideshow.

Thank you so much April and Grant for entertaining my kooky ideas! I absolutely adore you both and am so excited to be capturing your wedding day.