Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gray Family Highlights

I had the pleasure of shooting the Gray Family in my studio over the holiday. What a sweet family they are...and each of the girls are such dolls. I think little Aliyah stole the show though! She has such attitude for only being 1! Here are my faves from the shoot.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fall Family Photos!

It's hard to believe - but Christmas is just around the corner. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to photograph some amazing families just in time for the holidays. I am posting some of my favorites from recent sessions. If your sitting there thinking you wish you had scheduled your families' shoot - it's not too late - email me to schedule your appointment.

The Brodrozic Family shoot was much fun. We had amazing weather while at Ancil Hoffman Park and while setting up for this shoot I sat and watched wild turkeys play "tag" on the golf course while people played in the distance. It was actually quite amusing! Even more amusing were the little family antics in between the shots!

The Akins Family recently moved into a new home and received a Family Session as a gift from their Realtor, Parmis, of Parmis Properties. We went to the Rock Garden behind Fairytale Town and captured some great images of their family and their daughter. Unfortunately, I picked the busiest day in the year to do photos near Fairytale Town - who knew "Free Kids Day" would draw such a crowd! Aside from the 20 minute hunt for a parking spot...our session was fabulous!

This shot is one of my favorites from Kiana and Pete's session. They are just the cutest and sweetest kids too - which makes them even more adorable.

This last session I am a little partial to. This is actually my family! I have been blessed with an amazing mother and 2 adorable siblings. Well, sometimes they're adorable and then other times they are just not! And of course...don't forget the dogs...they might as well be kids with the pampering they receive.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Monday, November 12, 2007

FashionSAC shoot for SacTown Mag

FashionSAC is back for it's December issue. Julie, Nicole and I had lots of fun shooting the layout for the December issue of SacTown Mag. And yes, we lit every single candle in the photo! Nicole was an absolute doll of a model...as always. Look for her in this month's ad for FashionSAC in Sacramento Magazine. Ladies...be sure to check out the FashionSAC website to win the dress from this shoot and other cute boutique offerings.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Kiana and Little Pete - too cute for words!!!!

I don't think I could have asked for cuter kids to photograph! For a couple years I have been wanting to photograph these 2 little ones and never really got around to doing it. I finally said..."let's put it on the calendar...that's the only way it'll happen." I am so glad we did because we got some great images today. Kiana and Little Pete were just the best little models and such great kids. And to top it all off...we celebrated our awesome session with dinner at La Fiesta! Yum!!