Sunday, July 20, 2008

Auburn Wedding {Bob & Horti} Teaser!

I am a big believer in positive energy...and that which you give you will receive. Well...this couple excuuuudes postive, caring, respectful and loving energy! Bob and Horti were full of smiles that day and Horti is is quite the hugger. I don't think one guest left without getting a hug and a smile from the bride! Here are a few teasers from their wonderful intimate wedding up in Auburn. Stay tuned for more.....

Bob and Horti had the most yummy wedding cake. It was a beautiful arrangement of mexican wedding cookies drizzled with white chococate! If anyone is ever thinking of a delectable gift for me...this would be it...and you would definitely be my absolute favorite person! If you haven't tried one of these...get to your nearest bakery ASAP...and pick me up on the way!

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