Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh What Fun!!!

The Crave party was an absolute blast! Thank you so much to Julie and Crystal who manned my booth so that I could go and shoot! You girls are the greatest!

There were so many great vendors. Here are just a few shots of those that were there. If you didn't make it to this sure to make the next Crave Party!

Tarte - Boutique

The Melting Pot. I can vouch for it's yummy goodness!!!

Barbara Hennelly of Kidaround. Lifestyle Mag for Modern Moms

Barby K Boutique 23rd and K st. - Midtown Sac

After the show was over I took the models from Britt Steele around the beautiful Masonic Temple for some fun shots. This is my new favorite building in Sacramento - it's absolutely breathtaking! Here are my favorite shots with Kelsy, Brittney and Jennifer. Thanks girls!


jess918 said...

Hey Carmen, thanks for doing the pix. We had so much fun!


jess918 said...
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