Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Simple Heroes in Sac

Sometimes in life you are fortunate to have amazing people walk into your life and completely revive your faith in the human race and our ability to help each other. My friend Nick is one such person. A few months ago he told me about a non-profit he was starting to help meet the needs of foster youth in our area. He first started Generation Fate, which helped fund the counseling needs of foster children. That project then led to the creation of Simple Heroes. The goal of this organization is to meet the daily needs of foster children in this area. They have Simple Wishes (shoes, clothes, school supplies, etc...) that can be met by Simple Heroes like you. Nick had shirts designed for the launch of the organization and I was very fortunate to be able to help photograph the campaign for him. Here are a few of the shots from our shoot this weekend. I want to thank all of our friends who gave their time to help us with this shoot. If you are interested in being a Simple Heroe for a foster youth, please check the website to find a Simple Wish you can fulfill. Simple Heroes
Also, Simple Heroes will be making their official launch of the site next week and are looking to receive support from our Community. If anyone has contacts with local press or publications (i.e. SacTown, SacMag, Bee, SNR, etc..) that may be interested in covering a community story, please contact Nick Cunningham at nick@generationfate.org. I hope as a community we can raise enough support and awareness to help Nick meet all the Simple Wishes of the children.
Thank you all - Carmen
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Carlos Rivera said...

Great job, great color, heart felt expressions, great cause, God bless the hero's.