Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!!

Hello Everyone! So I've finally made the technical leap into the world of blogging. To be honest...I am still trying to figure this out...so bear with me during the learning curve. Alot has been happening over the summer that I want to share with you all so I think I will slowly reveal some stories and images over the next few weeks as I learn how to blog like the best of them.

Over the summer I had a chance to go home to Iowa for a week and while I was home I was able to shoot a senior portrait session for Mindy. We had fun running around downtown Des Moines looking for cool little spots to shoot against. Here are a couple from our shoot - the camera just loves her!


Rose said...

Hi Carmen,

Great to see you blogging - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work on here.

Carlos Rivera said...

Ditto, Fantastic Shot, Fantastic Model, Great Color, nice background, sweet composition, sexy!

Richard said...

Hi Carmen;

Great start on your blog. I am sure you will do well with this medium. Thank you for sharing with me, I appreciate it.


Nathan Smith said...

Looks good, Carmen! See you Wednesday, and Thursday!

Erin said...

Wow Carmen! So very 21st Century! I will make sure I keep up with all your blogging. Take care! - Erin

pete said...

Hey Carmen,
Grats on the Blog :)

Amy Jo said...

Hola amiga!
Your work is beautiful on here-like all your other work! You are so talented! Glad your blogging-I look forward to reading up on your happenings and work! Maybe someday I'll try to do a blog :)
Keep up the great work-Bien hecho!