Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Audi R8 Launch Party in Sacramento

I got a last minute call to do a cover photo for a brochure to be handed out the Audi party this Thursday. Here is the shot we captured on the streets of downtown Sac. Allysa was a great model! She had quite the audience growing while we were shooting. Plus, we had to shoot between trains. There was a lot going on but we were able to get the shot. Julie from Fashion SAC will be organizing the fashion show at the event....I will be doing some behind the scenes work for her so I will post more photos from the event later this weekend.


Diana said...

Awesome rock!! You are very talented. you know of any models that would be interested in coming to the lighting class in exchange for pics??

Pete said...

Woot Great Job!!

Hey if there were any decent test shots of me please email them over :) I could use a new ID for dA.