Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Portraits {The C* Family} Teaser!

So this is how I spent the morning of Christmas Eve! I couldn't have asked for a more fun family to start off the holidays with! And could you have guessed that their santa suits were made with duct tape! Genius...and thrifty! Thank you C* family for a wonderful are a few fun ones that caught my eye.



Shannon Mayo said...

Yea! Corinne is going to love these! I love the santa suits and the pix of the kids. So creative!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures of Corinne and her family! You have really captured the great sense of fun and love for each other that is so typical of the Chee family!


Eric said...

love em! the pictures of me n my bro are hecka raw. good stuff. lol. thanks tons =)