Thursday, October 4, 2007

FashionSAC...ooh la la!

Last night was a busy night for me. I had Nigel Poor's photography class come by the studio to talk about running a cooperative studio and what I have been doing with my business since I graduated from CSUS. I love their visits and always hope that something I've shared helps them in some way. After the class left, I finally got to break in my new studio with my first fashion shoot. Julie, from FashionSAC, is working on a new ad campaign for her local boutiques she represents and I have been blessed to be the photographer that gets to work with her. Nicole was an awesome model and so easy to work with - and she's gorgeous - that helps too! Here are a few of my favorites. Look for the full page ad in November's issue of Sacramento Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Carmen... you never fail to amaze me... I'm so blessed to have you as an inspiration to my job... I too love it, but even more so I love having such a good friend to share it with..
Can't wait to see Sac Mag...!
Keep up the amazing work..